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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) continue to change the landscape of the business world. Once the tool of geographers and cartographers, GIS has moved from the research center to the corporate cubicle, from the scientist's workstation to the businessman's personal computer, from the mapmaker to the manager. In the process, it has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry.


We provide a wide range of GIS services to support our clients by customizing off-the-shelf GIS technology as well as develop custom solutions.

Location Analysis

The site selection of your business is critical to its success.

Custom Solutions

We create bespoke software and websites using open-source, license-free software.

GIS Services

Zubra builds custom GIS applications and solutions that allow customers to interact with and analyze spatial information, edit data, maps, and view the results of all these operations in order to solve strategic business needs. From large AM/FM systems to locating the nearest point of interest, Zubra offers a whole range of services. We provide expert GIS technical support and mapping services, offering a cost-effective, reliable alternative to implementing or expanding your own GIS capabilities

Some of our services include:

  • Create Open-source Web and Data Maps using Leaflet, PostgreSQL and other open-source technologies
  • Map and Route Creation Services: Custom maps designed from client supplied materials, databases, and/or existing spatial datasets. Maps are frequently created for marketing, real-estate development, energy exploration, or publication. Customer locations, custom sales territories, and route maps are tailored to your needs
  • Data Creation: Create GIS ready datasets from AutoCAD files, demographic data, addresses, GPS collected data points, etc.
  • Georeferencing: Rectifying images and vector data to a real-world coordinate system
  • Data Integration: Data acquisition, Linking data from multiple systems
  • Digitizing
  • Data Conversion/Migration: Convert data from one or more disparate formats
  • Geocoding/Reverse-Geocoding
  • Database Design: Create customized databases for your specific application
  • Application requirements and design
  • Custom App Development: Build custom geo-enabled applications to automate workflows and increase business efficiency
  • GIS system integration
  • Training
  • Operational support

About Zubra

We are a small, dedicated team that is passionate about GIS technology and its applications.

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Our Offices:
23520 Foley St., Unit B, Hayward, CA 94545

Phone: (925) 2-ZUBRA-2 (925-298-2722)

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